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Reunions - past and future

This page will provide details of the next reunion and a countdown to it. When tickets are available for sale and overnight accommodation available for booking we'll provide links to how you can do those things. If you want detailed information (such as who is going) or information and photographs from past reunions then you need to log-in to the site.

We've now had a number of reunions for alumni who first attended the College during the 70s. Over time these have slowly extended themselves to cover all those who did their time between 1965 and 1985. This was a very unique period for the students; as the sixties got into the swing of things, male undergraduates were admitted for the first time changing the environment forever. New halls were built to accommodate this strange new species, the character of the social life changed forever but the college remained relatively small with only around 1000 students. This number grew slowly and the balance between female and male students grew towards equilibrium until 1985 where a merger with Bedford College took place and numbers grew rapidly.

Reunions covering the 70s decade were held on a three year cycle between 2007 and 2019, and prior to that there had been some smaller events, several of the earlier events were organised by Pete Challinger and the 2007 event was organised by thye alumni team at the College.
Those since 2007 were organised by the tone-deaf Jon Cutter with Pete Challinger providing the musical accompaniment and the evening disco.
Details of all of the earlier reunions  can be found on the various pages of the web site - provided you have registered your alumni details and are signed in. There you will see all the attendees with badges showing how they used to look to compare with how they look now. It is one of the few indicators that we have all aged!

It is to be hoped that the reunions continue on a similar cycle for at least a few more occasions.
The next reunion is still scheduled to take place in 2022 but clearly that will depend on what happens with Covid-19 and how conditions are expected to be at the time.

The date will be the weekend of Sept 10th / 11th 2022 and the College have now confirmed this.  It is worth marking it in your diaries now if you plan to attend.

The event is being organised by John Parker who studied Chemistry from 1979 - 82 and his wife Janet (was Wilson) who studied history between 1981 and 1984.

rhc65-85 Reunion

Countdown to September 10th 2022


Tickets and overnight accommodation

Tickets for the event are not yet available for booking, but will be in the spring of 2022

Accommodation cannot be booked yet but one or more halls of residence will be made available for use by attendees. Room bookings will include a 'Founders breakfast'

Once tickets and rooms can be booked there will be links added to this page. We hope that as for previous reunions the college will use their admin systems to enable that to happen.