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If you've forgotten your username for logging in then you are able to go to "Username reminder" in the "Help Me" section above and enter the email address associated with the account - you'll then receive a reminder of your username.

If you've forgotten your password then the automatic mechanism for that is dreadful and a real pain in the neck and seems to cause endless problems when you try to cut and paste the link from the email you receive - so I've removed it.  If you have forgotten your password then email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. then I can manually reset your password to something that I choose and email this back to you. You can then use the new password to login and, if you want, change it to something you prefer.

To change your password (once you are logged in) is much more straightforward. At the top right hand corner of the screen you will see your avatar followed by your login name.Next to this is a tiny cogwheel and if you click on it you will get a little drop-down menu that includes an option to "Edit Profile". When you click on this option you'll be taken to the profile information you have recorded on the system. Just under where it says "Edit Profile" (now in the main body of the screen) are two items. These are "Information" and "Account". If you click on "Account" it will display your Login name, your email address and two empty boxes that allow you to reset and verify a new password. If you enter your chosen password in each of these boxes and then click "Save Changes" your password will be reset to your chosen value. If you leave them blank and just leave the page (WITHOUT clicking Save Changes) then the password will stay at its original value. Do not be confused by the fact that there is nothing in the box. Your password is not displayed at all.

Alternatively you can leave the password as I set it and either save the email with it written on or write it down somewhere else.


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It's never a good sign when you have to click on the Help Me button but hopefully we can get you moving forward again.

There are a set of User Guides to help you with Log-on and Registration and, once you have got past that stage there are more guides to help you make use of the site. The guides have not been updated since the site refresh so a lot of the screenshots no longer reflect what you see - but the principles remain the same.

You can access the User Guides by clicking here or on the menu item in the drop down "Help Me" List in the top menu.

If you've forgotten your password you can get a code sent to your email address to allow you to reset it. It is not the easiest mechanism to use if your unfamiliar with the process so if you'd rather just send an email (using the contact form) then I will reset your password for you and drop a note back.

If you just want to drop a note asking for help or to report a problem you're having then use the form in the "Contact Us" area or click here to go straight there.



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How can you help

A quick guide to what we're looking for and how to submit it

What type of content do we publish on this site?

Anything to do with life at Royal Holloway College between the mid-60s and the mid-80s. It could be:

  • an old photo taken during the period
  • a new photo of people who were there at the time
  • memories of life at the College, the highs and lows and the bits in between
  • information about some aspect of the College
  • some random piece of information which could trigger other people's memories

Look round this site to see what other people have added. Most people just add one photo or one paragraph of text. Others add whole photo galleries or sections of the site.

Terms and conditions

  1. Submissions should be relevant to the site and, if your referring to other people, then please talk to them about it or consider their feelings when you write it.
  2. Text submitted to the site may be sub-edited for the sake of clarity or readability.
  3. Images submitted to the site may be cropped or digitally enhanced (for example, to improve contrast).
  4. RHC70s is under no obligation to publish any text or photos submitted to the site.
  5. RHC70s may reject material on the grounds of copyright infringement, offensiveness or other legal considerations.
  6. RHC70s won't accept contributions of a commercial, marketing or advertising nature. We will, however, accept editorial content from commercial organisations (for example, the memories of a shop-owner or pub landlord who has recollections from the time).

How to submit an article

When you click on the menu item a new page will open – this can look a bit daunting at first site but it is fairly straightforward and you're unlikely to do much damage if you make a mistake – so feel free to try and ask questions.
The guide to submitting an article can be downloaded or opened in a separate window - so you can open it on the screen at the same time and refer to it during the process.
The guide can be downloaded using the link on the right hand of this page (or the "Submitting an article" page)



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