It can't be almost 50 years since we were there as students

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The reunion has some accommodation set aside for the weekend of September 14th and 15th. Most people will only want to stay the Saturday night but for those travelling from further afield or wanting to make a long weekend of it then it is possible to add the Friday night or the Sunday night to your booking and still use the code for the reserved accommodation. Those who have to travel some distance and want to be around for the whole of the Heritage day on the Sunday may benefit from staying the Sunday night as well

The Promotion Code to use is:  RHC70s

If you do not use the code you will not be offered a room in the set-aside accommodation and will have access only to rooms in the Hub (this may suit some people of course but space will be limited).

Accommodation will be mostly in Tuke Hall. This is one of the newer halls with double beds and an en-suite. They can be booked for either single or double accommodation. If you book as a double then you get extra towels and other items and a second key for the door. You also get a second breakfast. The accommodation cost includes breakfast. We are hoping that breakfast will be in Founders as although it is a bit of a walk away it evokes many a happy memory.

If you do not want to be in one of the apartments with a group of friends then there will be a small number of rooms available in the Hub. The Hub rooms are smaller and will not include a breakfast option, but they are a bit cheaper and may appeal to some people. These will be offered on a first-come, first served basis so may well go fairly quickly. You can still use the RHC70s booking code but then select 'The Hub' rather than 'Hall of Residence'

Tuke Hall (which is where the Athlone car park used to be) is a very short walk from the reunion location. It is arranged into a series of separate apartments with each apartment having eight en-suite bedrooms and a shared pantry / kitchen / sitting room. The room keys provide access to the apartment and the individual room.

The booking system allows you to book up to four rooms at a time. Bizarrely these all have to be for either single occupation or double occupation; it does not seem to be possible to book a mix of rooms on a single order. I have queried this. The booking system does not allow you to specify which apartment you want to be in or preferences about who else you want in the apartment - however we plan to manually allocate rooms to let friends all stay in the same apartment.

If you wish to book an entire apartment (or be in one with some old friends) then the best way to arrange it is to get together prior to booking and do a single booking ab the same time and under the name of a booking leader. The rooms on a single booking should all then be in the same apartment. If the booking needs to be in multiple bookings (because you want more than four rooms or a mix of single and twin occupation rooms) then take the same approach - book them all at the same time under the same lead booking name. Manual intervention in the bookings will still need to be done by the College but they will try to achieve the desired result. If you want to be in an apartment as a group, particularly if spread over more than one booking, then please put some comments on the 'booking notes' option that comes up as part of the process,

The booking system is due to be updated during 2019 so it is likely that these guidelines may need to be updated at some point but the intention is to be able to achieve the same desired end-result.

To book rooms click on the link which will open in a new window:

Enter the Promotion Code (RHC70s) in the appropriate box.

State the arrival date (probably 14th September but you can enter 13th September) and the departure date (probably 15th September but you can enter the 16th). Enter the number of rooms you want to book (up to 4). Enter the number of people per room. If you enter 1 or 2 you'll get the rooms in Tuke Hall. If you enter 3 or 4 it will offer you family rooms in The Hub.

Assuming you've entered 1 or 2 people per room you will then be offered the rooms headed "1970s Alumni Reunion accommodation Premium" and either double or single. At this stage it will again let you state the number or rooms you want (up to 4) and when you have input the number it will then offer you a set of boxes with a drop down showing the number of people in each room. You would expect to be able to select 1 or 2 per room at this stage but you cannot, the number of people per room is fixed at the number entered at the top of the form.

The way around this is to place two separate orders, one for the single occupancy rooms and one for the double occupancy rooms.

If you want to book more than four rooms you also need to do this on separate orders so you may end up with several orders. Provided these are placed in the same lead bookers name and around the same time then there will be a manual process to link them together prior to the rooms being allocated. If you are in this situation then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will try to make sure your wishes are met. The one circumstance where this may be a problem is if some of the rooms are booked for more than just the Saturday night.

For any other special requirements there is an email address on the website ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) that you should use. This is for considerations like disabled access or other needs.

If you are not trying to do anything complicated and just want a room for the night then go ahead and book. If you want to be in a room in an apartment with a group of friends then get yourselves organised first so you can decide on the lead booker. You can of course use the website  website to get in touch with other alumni by messaging / email or organise groups specifically to get people together for the accommodation.

Screen Shots and some additional details:

 First navigate to the room booking page at


If you want to be in Tuke Hall and the Founders breakfast then put RHC70s in the Promotion code box.

Select your arrival date from the drop down calendar - probably 14th September and your departure date - probably 15th September. These dates can each be varied by a day either way while still using the code. If you enter any other dates you will not get the special rooms.

Enter the number of rooms you want and the number of people per room. If you want a mix of single and double occupancy rooms then you'll need to do two orders - hopefully the new system due later this year will make this a little less confusing.



Click on Find Rooms

You will see the reference to the rooms we have reserved. You now have to state again the number of rooms you want in the right hand panel. When you do the right hand panel will extend downwards to offer you the number of rooms requested.  Each room will show the number of guests per room as selected on the first page - and you cannot change this. As long as you're happy click the Proceed button at the top of the page and you'll get to the page where you enter the guest names.

Enter the guest names and click Proceed (its at the bottom of the page this time) and you'll be taken to the page for the lead payers details. This is the stage where you can add booking notes.

Enter the details including the car registration details of all those for whom you've bought tickets and any other notes you want to add. Tick the terms and conditions box and press Make Payment.

You will then complete the process by entering your payment card details.

If you are making multiple bookings for a group then use the same lead booking name as on the last page. This will be used to collate bookings and allocate all the bookings in that group into the same apartment.

What can possibly go wrong!!