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Williams Laboratory

Williams Laboratory 450pxAfter a block on building for some years (because of priorities set after WW2) The Williams Laboratory was built in 1952 – whilst it was built as a temporary pre-fab building after the war it has outlasted many of the other buildings on the campus.

Once constructed the Chemistry department moved in from the Moore laboratory and there they remained until the early 70's when the department moved to the Bourne Laboratory.

When the chemistry department moved out the Biochemistry department expanded from the Moore Laboratory in 1970. In 1984 the Biochemistry department moved to the Bourne Laboratory and after some significant internal alterations the 'Department of Human Physiology' moved in.

Biochemistry move in in 1970 (as well as Moore Lab)

Biochemistry move to Bourne Laboratory in 1984 and (after some internal alterations) ‘Department of Human Physiology’ moved in. In 1991  after some further restructuring a 'School of Life Sciences' was created and the Human Physiology department joined Chemistry and Biochemistry in the Bourne Laboratory. After some further redevelopment the Media Arts Centre moved into the Williams building in 1993 and occupied that and part of the Moore building.