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This section of the site will hold articles about the campus and the various buildings - both on and off-campus. Founders, of course, dominates the site and this part of the website includes information about its history and the various parts of it that are open to the public (from time to time). The alumni area of the site will also include infromation of interest to those who either had a room there for part of their time or who have fond memories of it for some other reason.

To current students (and even more so to the Fire Brigade) it will seem unthinkable that all the gas fires were a principal source of heating during the '60s and 70's. The fires were also very useful for making toast and cooking anything else that could be supported vertically.

Over time this section will hopefully be expanded to include more details about other buildings and locations around the college, whether new buildings that have been introduced over the years or older buildings that have disappeared since men were first admitted to the college.