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Why register on the site?

The value of registering of the site depends on who you are and what you are interested in achieving.
Registration will provide access to more areas of the website and allow you to contribute articles and comment on existing articles.
For alumni from the period 1965-1985 registration will give you access to the biggest collection of memorabilia from the time. There are over 1000 pictures taken during the 70s (when cameras were much rarer than they are today) and we hope the site will encourage many others to dig out some old pictures and submit them. The site will also enable you to catch up and communicate with other alumni who have registered on the site. Only alumni will get to see all the pictures from the time since the purpose of these is to help rekindle memories of contemporaries and hopefully encourage you to reestablish contact.

What happens after you register?

1.    An email will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered. You will need to click on this to activate the account. At this stage your application will be reviewed and the details you’ve provided will be checked against the alumni register. 
2.    If your details are the same as a name in the alumni register you will get approved and will receive another email telling you that you have full access to the site. This may take a little time as it’s a manual process.
3.    If your details are not the same as in the alumni register but you are asking to register as alumni then you may get some emails asking you for more details or you may be asked to register as alumni with the college.
4.    If you are not an alumnus your request for access will be considered and you’ll get an email either giving you greater access or requesting more compelling reasons why access should be granted.
5.    If you try to register and don’t hear back within 24 hours then please complete a contact form (just in case your application has been missed)