This is the current list of tracks Pete Challinger has loaded and available for play at the reunion.  Some of these will be background music for the afternoon or the quiet areas and some won't get played at all - There's about 38 hours worth so it will be hard to squeeze them all in!  Hopefully the list brings back some memories.  If it's not on this list then I can't play it.  If you are aghast that a particular track is missing feel free to email Pete Challinger and he will see if he can add it.

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The RHC70s 2013 reunion happened on 22nd /23rd June 2013. Several hundred alumni who spent their time at RHC between 1965 and 1985 attended  (a broad interpretation of a brief moment in time as befits the 70s). 1965 was the year that male undergraduates were admitted for the first time and 1985 was when RHC stopped being RHC and became RHBNC as a result of the merger with Bedford College in London. The reunion is an opportunity for all those alumni who spent time at the College when it was still called RHC and catered for both men and women to get together and reminisce.

To see details of the reunion and any photos taken you need to be logged in. Some of the planning information will remain here until I get round to tidying it up.