This video was taken in the Picture Gallery on Sunday Morning (4th September). Many of you - including Edwin in the image above - were curious about what the blob was on top of the tripod in the centre of the room. It was taking a picture every two seconds of all of us looking around.

In order to play the video either click on the video above or click on this link. By default YouTube will play it back in an apallying low resolution. To avoid this once the video is displayed just click on the cogwhheel in the bottom right of the video, then select 'Quality' and then select 2160S (4K). This will provide you with a high resolution picture that you can display full screen.

You can navigate around using the dial in the top left of the YouTube screen or just dragging on the video. If you have a slow interbnet connection you may need to let the video buffer before trying to play it.

The irritating blue blobs that say 'dvd' are watermarks because I'm using a trial copy of the software. The full version costs EU600 - a bit too much until we can figure out how to make some money from the technology.

We have some more 360degree video tyhat my son took but a lot of it is poor quality because of insufficient lighting but the bits that look good enough will also get uploaded at some point.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

When Virtual Reality (VR) headsets become more available then it will be possible to play this video back through the headset so you will be able to look around a room just by moving your head. Just perfect for the old granny who cannot get to your daughter's wedding?