The 2019 Reunion will be on September 14th and 15th 2019 and held once again on the campus. Tickets will be available through the College website by mid-end February 2019.

The intention is to follow the same format as the event in 2016, certainly on the Saturday. On the Sunday there will probably be a "Heritage Open Day" from 11 AM onwards so as well as the traditional RHC70s reunion activities on Sunday there will be the opportunity to do a whole lot more throughout the day. There are a few details about the heritage day here -

Discussions are well underway to establish the various costs so the ticket price can be set. We expect as a minimum an increase in price to reflect inflation but hopefully not too much more than that though some of the costs have increased by more.

We plan to have a open-mike event on the Saturday afternoon so if anyone has some desire to get up on a stage and perform then please let us know.

Overnight accommodation will be available again and this too will be available to book at the same time as the event tickets go on sale. For those that want to make a weekend of it then it will be possible to book rooms for the Friday night and/or Sunday night as well.

This part of the website will be updated as more details become available and once tickets are available to order then the mailshots will begin!!

Hopefully we will have an excellent turn-out this time for what will be the last event I organise.