Who can register?

Who can register?

Registration is available for anyone who spent time at Royal Holloway College between 1965 and 1985. The main focus is on the 70's but there will be material that is relevant to alumni that were there throughout the period.

It doesn't matter if you didn't finish your course or graduate - it was the being there that counts.

You will need to provide some details about yourself - enough to identify you against the alumni lists. If you are not on the lists then registration may take longer and you will need to complete the alumni form on the formal Holloway site - there is a link in the Home section of this site.

Registation, even for those on the list can take a while as it's a manual process and the man has to be close to the lists at the time you chosse to register. But it should be worth the wait.

Resend activation link

Please enter your registered e-mail address and we will resend the activation link to you.



Complete the fields as follows:
First Name:
This should be your first name as it was when you were a student.
Last Name:
This should be your surname as it was when you were a student – so a maiden name rather than a married name.
This is the name you will use to login.
Your email address. This will be used to send an email back to you by return to confirm it’s a valid email address. You may need to check your junk mail folder
You repeat this to avoid typing mistakes. Best to make it unique to the site but one you’ll remember. Try to use a mix of letters and numbers (e.g Founders-W240)
Terms and Conditions:
You have to tick the box here. If you want to read them they can be opened by clicking the link.


On the second page:
Surname now:
This is your surname now. Please fill this in even if it is the same as when you were a student.
Surname then:
This will default to the name you used on the first page.
First or Nick Name:
Just so you get the chance to enter the name most people knew you by. Here you can use shortened forms of your name or a nickname.
First Year:
Your first year as a student at RHC. Just the year, not the month or anything else.
Last Year:
The year you finished at RHC. Just the year. If you went on to be a postgrad at RHC then you can include that period as well.
The subject or department you studied in.

These three fields are used to verify your details on the Alumni list.
Click “Register” and the next screen appears.



The third page of registration allows you to upload a picture from the time you were a student. All those who attended the 2010 or 2013 reunion saw how these pictures were used on name badges. The picture is used within the community section of the site to help people who vaguely recall the name to look at the face as well. It’s not essential to provide a picture at this stage, you can just click the “skip” under the green line to move on. (But do please try to find one to add soon)
If you have a picture stored on your computer then click on the browse button and it will show the files you have on your computer. Select the one that’s a photo of you from the 70s and then click on“Upload”. It will appear on the screen.
Disappointingly at this stage you still have to wait for the site admin to check your details against the alumni list and approve your access to the rest of the site.The check is a manual process so can take some time. The following explains the different bits of feedback you’ll see so you understand the stages.
You will get two emails back fairly quickly.
The first of these confirms the username and password you used to register. It should be the
only time your password appears in clear text so you may want to store it somewhere to remind you of your login details.
The second email provides you with a link back to the website. You need to click on this link because until you do the site admin does not get informed about your registration request– so you may wait a long time to get your account activated.
(If you do click on it and you get an error message then try to log in anyway. It may just mean you applied at a time when the site admin was doing some work on the site, noticed the request and activated it straight away. If the login then fails usethe contact form to send a message)